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A word from my clients


"Once a week, whatever the weather, I head over to London Fields where I spend an hour exercising and boxing-training, surrounded by nature and the vibrant energy of the park. 

Marcus is a lovely, friendly, patient coach who has knowledge and enthusiasm. My body and level of fitness has improved so much since I began, along with my confidence and mental wellbeing.

Putting on boxing gloves and punching my heart out feels wonderfully empowering and still, after two and a half years of training with Marcus, our sessions are exciting, sometimes challenging, and always fun."

Lady training with medicine ball in London park
man exercising on winter morning in london park
an image of a coach marcus's male client training outdoors


"I’ve been training with Marcus for a little over a year and it has definitely been one of the better things I’ve done for myself. From learning the fundamentals of boxing to high intensity training and mobility exercises.
Marcus has also given me nutritional tips, gym workout routines and exercises I could do to strengthen a bad knee.
Overall a perfect experience!"

“Marcus is a fantastic, extra competent PT. Training with him for 6 months last year changed my mindset and body shape! Totaly recommended!."

Nikolay Bortsov

“It was a pleasure training with Marcus. He easily adapts to your goals with a great range of strength, cardio and (of course) boxing drills. Well thought through sessions are complemented by his kind persona and great knowledge of anything fitness. A joy to be around. Easy recommendation from me.."

Michael Hyland

"Marcus is genuinely one of the nicest people you'll meet and phenomenal trainer.

You can really tell he loves what he does and loves seeing his clients develop. He is constantly sharing new techniques with you and is incredibly gifted at coaching you to deliver your absolute maximum.

Couldn't recommend highly enough."

Lucy Hopman

“Marcus trained me and my husband at boxing for about 8 months. It was the most fulfilling PT experiences that I have had; I learned how to box, improved my fitness and had fun. Marcus is so lovely and an absolute joy to be around. I couldn't recommend Marcus more”


"I was born sedentary and detest exercise in all forms but somehow, I've been consistently training with Marcus for the past two years! During this time, he has helped me rehabilitate a frozen shoulder and stabilise T2 diabetes and I am the fittest I've ever been. I enjoy the varied personalised training plans as no two sessions are ever the same and often new variations on exercises are introduced. I respect his holistic approach and dedication to wellness; often recommending resources to help me on my way but most importantly, his wonderful humility, humour and music playlists makes physical training fun. Good value for money. Highly recommend."

lady training with kettlebell in london park on winter morning
man doing boxing technique drills outdoors


"Marcus is an exceptional athlete and trainer. He is a calm, smart and supportive person, and combines a wide range of techniques, research and experience into his practice. These qualities make him an excellent and versatile coach, and one that I would highly recommend."

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