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90 day body transformation challenge - in progress

So I've sent the word out - 'looking for 3 people work with for a 90 day body transformation project". It didn't take long to get 3 sign ups ( now 4 - will explain later) and here we are 3 weeks in with the challenge well underway. Notice below:

Im already feeling proud of my guys. Lauren is a long term client and Hackney resident. We've been training for years in Millfields but she never quite had the nutrition aspect nailed down. This challenge has given her the impetus to take full control over her diet and to reap the benefits of an overall healthier lifestyle. Nick and Sarah are in their 60s, they already live well and we're introducing a few game changers such as a robust strength training programme. I've been impressed with their attitude and I'm confident we'll see mega results, not only from the outside but the inside as well. I didn't think I'd take anyone else on but Emma, who is based in Barcelona, was a perfect candidate. A strong "why" - she wants to re kick start her life after a setback of big challenges in her personal life. Even working with her online only, she also has the discipline and commitment to follow the nutrition plan and forego food temptations in honour of her best self.

So what is this 90 day challenge then? For the participants, It's a an opportunity to live their best and healthiest life. It's a 3 month window into putting health, fitness and wellness first, which usually seems unattainable from the outside. Going in they know it's something to take seriously so the treat it accordingly and amazing things start to happen. I work closely with them...they're under 24 hours surveillance with me and I monitor their dreams at night.. jokes aside I'm constantly mentoring them, training them and encouraging them to keep up the great work. All food is logged in through a nutrition app so they can get a clear idea of what they're consuming and the caloric effect it has etc. We also do minimum 2 1-1 PT sessions where they come in a mindset of giving it their all. Every night they send a screenshot to me of their daily food summary.

Why 90 days? On average, it takes 3 months to build a new habit, which becomes entrenched into deeper parts of the brain and therefore harder to break. That's probably the the part excites me the most. The potential long lasting effects of living stronger and healthier.

Whilst we're only 3 weeks in, Lauren is already feeling great, sleeping better and feeling her legs tone up. Emma feels like a different woman and we're sharing the excitement of the continual progress. Nick and Sarah are working zealously and resolutely, even putting the hard yards in outside of our 1-1s.

Do keep posted, I'll be sharing the post 90 day results here in May!

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